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Specifications: Models 7400A Series, Wedge-Wedge Wire Bonders, Manual X-Y-Z Last Revised: 4/1/2000

Note: All models of this Series have Status "AvailableNotStocked" as of April 1, 2000

Model 7400A Wedge Bonder has been WEST BOND's centerpiece and mainstay, versatile and reliable, with most of those ever made still in use. With its unique X-Y-Z micromanipulator and with Integrated Circuit logic control, it remains a thoroughly tested and viable alternative to the Microprocessor controlled Model 7400B, though lacking is some of the "B" Series' advanced capabilities. It is being maintained in the model line-up due to customer demand. It is, however, redefined here as a single model including as standard many features which were optional in the past, while omitting as obsolete some lesser-used features.

WEST BOND Model 7400A is an ultrasonic/thermosonic wedge-wedge wire bonder designed to interconnect wire leads to semi-conductor, hybrid or microwave devices. The machine bonds aluminum or gold wires ranging from 0.0007 in. to 0.002 in. Feed Cam No 3607 is standard. Bonds are made by the wedge-wedge technique using ultrasonic energy to attach aluminum wire at room temperature and adding work piece heat for gold wire. Wire is clamped and threaded diagonally under the bonding wedge, allowing independent feeding action but requiring front-to-back bonding direction. The bonding tool is lifted and lowered manually by the operator using hand/eye reference to the work elevations and to loop height.

The ultrasonic transducer is K~Sine Model K~20-W Series, 11/2 wave length, operating at a nominal frequency of 63 KHZ. Ultrasonic power supply is K~Sine Model K~1400, five Watts, dual channel, with power and time adjusted by panel controls. Force is adjustable at the tool assembly through a range of 18 to 150 grams. Force is measured by a K~Sine Load Cell and is displayed in grams at all times. The decrease of force to a preset value as tool support is transferred from the load cell to the work, is read to start ultrasonic energy to make the bond.

Control of bonding wire motion for severing and feeding new tail length under the bond tool is accomplished by a motor driven cam bank on the tool mount platform guided by the X-Y-Z manipulator. The motor is Haydon, AC Synchronous, Model K81415. The cam bank is run to fixed positions defined by Hall Effect switches, which complete portions of the motions cut into the cam faces for the functions of severing and feeding. Beyond the fixed positions, the cams can be moved incrementally by timing logic to vary the length of the tail fed and to reverse to re-close clamps for loop arching.

For short connections, re-closing the clamps for loop arch control before descent to bond can be signalled by two methods; manually by push button switch, and automatically when a mechanically adjusted elevation is reached in the tool path. Selection between these methods is by panel switch.

Stitch bonding capability is provided for one, two or three loop arches, selectable by panel switch. In operation, wire severing is withheld until the selected number of loop arches is completed.

Other Features now included as standard:

The microscope recommended for this model is Leica Model Zoom 4 with Nicholas illuminator. Neither microscope nor illuminator is included; however, wiring and receptacle for this illuminator are built in. One recommended bonding tool is included.

All workholders are priced separately, and should be ordered separately. A universal unheated workholder, capable of holding most common substrate devices between a pivoted clamp lever and adjustable backstops, is maintained in stock and is available for delivery in the same time span as the machine. This workstation modified for screw-adjustable height is also available from stock. Quite a large number of previously designed special workholders, both heated and unheated, are available but are not stocked, and cannot be promised for delivery with the machine. These should preferably be on an order separate from the machine order, but if not, the machine order must state that partial deliveries are allowed. Workholders for new work pieces requiring custom design and fabrication will be quoted upon receipt of drawings and samples: These must be ordered on separate purchase orders.

Standard bonding method of Model 7400A is 45 wire feed, clamps behind the tool, traditional wedge-wedge. Optionally, bonding can be done by WEST BOND's patented "deep access" method, vertical feed with overhead clamps. Only the bond head need be exchanged at the attachment of two pivot points. Therefore, the machine is inherently convertible and may be purchased with either or both tool assembly types for maximum flexibility.

Definitions of Models of this Series:

Features available for this Series:

Electrical service required is 100-120 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 3 Amps. For 200-240 VAC, an external step-down transformer is required which must be secured by end-user as electrical codes vary from country to country.

Machine size is 21" deep x 21" wide x 16" high, including microscope. Weight is 60 lb. uncrated, or 95 lb. crated.